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This is a blog of the feminist activism of Charliegrrl and others. This is not a blog to debate the ins and outs of feminism, this is a blog to inspire people to get active and take it to the streets! This blog was started to challenge lads mags bringing porn into the mainstream...who knows what the blog will become...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Get Stickering!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Labour: Jobless..? Try Lapdancing!

New Labour like to push unemployed people into jobs they don't want to do...
But when an unemployed woman went into her local JobCentre office, she didn't imagine they would suggest she try lap-dancing!

Is this New Labour's new strategy to combat poverty..? They can't provide people with decent employment, so they suggest sex work..?!?

Found by Stormy

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Manchester Demo against Lads Mags and Porn Papers

New Labour are holding their annual conference in Manchester 24th-28th September.

Northwest Feminists are organising a demonstration, outside the conference, calling for Lads Mags and Porn Papers to be treated as top-shelf pornography and calling for retailers to stop selling them.


Sunday 24th September 2pm onwards

Barbirolli Square Manchester G-Mex Centre M2 3GX


Lads Mags and Porn Papers to be on top-shelf, above adult eye line and obscured. Also, for there to be an age limit on buying such publications.

Criticising retailers who sell and promote Lads Mags and Porn Papers. Asking how can they justify selling misogynistic and sexually denigrating publications..?

Bring placards and banners. Campaign material will be posted here shortly...

If you are interested in joining us, then let me know so we have an idea of numbers, and so we can meet people on arrival.

Monday, August 14, 2006

ZOO Hunting for Virgins!

ZOO have this week an article entitled "Wanted: UK's Hottest Virgin's":

"The search is on. Do you know a lady who is still 'intact' and willing to appear in ZOO?...
Lalmas have hymens. So do moles, guinea pigs and even whales...but for this exciting feature, ZOO requires only human hymens, intact and attatched to great-looking females. Why?"

[charliegrrl: because you are wanting to satisfy your paedophillic urges..?
because you view women as little more than holes to stick your dick inside..?]

"Because we're searching the land for the UK's hottest virgins...
Yes, that's you, unfeasibly sexy virgin woman. With the hymen. And the confidence to lead a man up the garden path before saying no. In recognition of your remain imperforated by man, ZOO would like you to send [in] as sexy a shot of yourself..." (pg 17)

You mean photos including the hymen...?
Cos how are you going to know if they have hymens..?
Is one of the conditions of entry that the women don't use tampons...? Or do rigorous excercise..?
These are things to consider if you want an 'intact hymen' to perforate..?

Maybe they aren't virgins...and are just pandering to your desire for masturbation material that bolsters your sense of male prowess, to get money..?

And also, do the women have to be over 18...? Cos it doesn't say in the qualifications for entry..?

Read more!

ZOO have included two photos of the winner of the Kerrang! radio station's, 'Search for a Virgin' competition:
"Hello to Christina..., 19, a model from Manchester whose sex cavity thus far remains uncharted by man" (pg 17)

Yes, you read that correctly, DJ Tim Shaw from Kerrang! 105.2FM's Asylum show, hosted a 'Search for a Virgin' competition. And the winner is now featured half naked in ZOO.

In fact this radio show has quite a few porn features, including...
'...Lucy gets offered a Gangbang!'
'Glamour the studio!'
'5 sexy ladies from Medusa gentleman's club came down to the studio with a chocolate fountain, with one mission - to cover their bodies..!''s interesting this porn content and this partnership between ZOO and Kerrang... It's like a radio show for porn-loving lads mags readers. I suppose it's cos Kerrang belongs to the same parent group as ZOO and FHM- that being EMAP...

See more from the link below (note soft porn content)

To complain, email

ZOO Issue 130 11-17th Aug 06
Image Copyright 2006 Kerrang! Radio and Media Span

Stickers available from One Angry Girl

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A lot of women fantasise about rape...apparently

Maxim came with an Erotica Supplement this month...which was their attempt to make their porn seem arty...
They quoted Anna Span, a porn director, saying...

"Some women want softer stuff, but there are a lot of women like myself who want harder stuff. I've shot bukkake, arse-to-mouth, a lot of anal, gangbangs... You can shoot that in a way that doesn't make the woman look like she is being used. A lot of women fantasize about things like rape, or's a myth that women want soft stuff. Maybe in their own lives, but not in porn" (Maxim Erotica Sep 2006 pg 32)

It is wholly irresponsible for Maxim to print such a comment as 'women fantasize about rape'. This is a magazine that propagates the sexual objectification of women...and meanwhile thousands of women are raped in the UK and less than 6% of rapes reported result in a conviction.

I wonder if Anna Span is aware that porn simulating rape is illegal..?

I'm also wondering how she manages to produce bukkake, gang bang and arse-to-mouth porn without the women looking like they are being used..?

Maybe she means a gang of women pounding dildos into the arse and mouth of a man..?
Maybe she means a woman taking a man from behind then shoving her strap-on-dildo in his mouth so he can get a good taste..?
Maybe she means a group of women taking it in turn to masturbate over a man's face with their cum spurting into his eyes and mouth..?

And the man moaning like he's enjoying all this...

Probably not...

Postcards available from Truth About Rape

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Argos and Playboy

Argos are selling a variety of Playboy merchandise, including Playboy bedding suitable for a single bed for a child...

Apparently they have had meetings with child protection experts and decided to withdraw the bedding for children...but still have Playboy Single Bed Sets...


So, do Argos think it is fine for a young girl to sleep in a Playboy bed whilst her father/uncle/brother or male friend of the family jacks off in their own bedroom to Playboy mags..?

To find out, click on
and scroll to the bottom, click 'email customer services' then click 'feedback', then 'service I have received' then email your complaint (there is no simple contact address to complain...)

Image Copyright Argos Ltd 2004

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

WHSmith is a Porn Fest

WHSmith sell 'adult porn', as in fully nude porn, and The Daily Sport, in train stations and airports.

Why is this..?

Are men so impatient that whilst waiting for a train, they need to go jack off in the toilets to pass the time..? Maybe that's why they always go to the toilet on their own...

Photo Leeds Train Station 22.06.06

WHSmith's love for Playboy

WHSmith are still selling Playboy merchandise. They have sections in their shops devoted to Playboy.

However, Argos have withdrawn their Playboy bedding after meeting with Child Protection agents.

And Sheffield Fems managed to get Claire's Accessories and John Lewis to withdraw their Playboy merchandise.

Many people have emailed WHSmith in complaint about their Playboy merchandise and received pathetic responses:

"...we market this range to the late teen market and it is not our intention to position this range near items for younger children, for example our 'Winnie the Pooh' range. We are currently instructing all our stores to check the merchandising position of this range. The 'Playboy' range was introduced as response to current trends that appeal to our customers. We do not currently have any plans to withdraw this range from sale. I regret any disappointment my response may cause, however, we do try to strike the right balance in meeting the needs of all our customers - which inevitably means a compromise when customers have strongly differing views."

Translation: we care more about profit than ethics. Lots of teenage girls buy this range, and as long as they demand playboy stationary, we will sell it to them, regardless of the immorality of promoting a porn brand to teenage girls. Because you see, the normalisation of porn makes us money. And as long as we are making money, we are happy...
If you would like to complain, email

See also gendergeeks blog post

And Rachel Bell's article in The Guardian,11812,1549273,00.html

Top photo Leeds WHSmith 22.06.06; Bottom photo Lancaster WHSmith 12.06.06