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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lads Mags and Paedophillic 'Jokes'

Lads Mags often jokingly make paedophillic remarks...

Front have done a feature on common characters found at Wimbledon, some of which are Ballboy/girl, Umpire, Commentator...and the 'Sexy Eastern European' teenage girl tennis player:

"This hard-working girl got a scholarship to tennis school in Florida where her supermodel looks quickly gained her three times as much sponsorship money as anyone else on the tour. That's because, let's face it, she looks better in a bikini than that hulking French carpet-muncher. Her photograph will be in the papers 283 times in the four days she survives in the tournament, and websites will spring up specialising in the sort of upskirt and hard nipple shots that won't appear in the tabloids until next year, when she turns 16." (Aug 2006 pg 43, own emphasis)

They also have a cartoon caricature of such a 15 year old 'sexy eastern european' in a skimpy tennis outfit...

I thought it was illegal under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 to publish sexualised depictions of girls under 18..?

Front's description of a typical Tennis Commentator: "Posh, old-school BBC type who does Christ-knows-what for the other 50 weeks of the year...his job is to ask excrutiatingly embarrassing questions about grunting noises to teenage girls and smile like an indulgent uncle..." (Aug 2006 pg 44, own emphasis)

FHM have done a feature on '100 Reasons Why FHM Rules The World'. Number 33 is 'We Have Limits' which recalls an article they did in 2002 on 'The 7 Ages of Women':

"Our surprisingly hairy-chested writer was paid hard cash to 'explore' the seven ages of women, starting with a morally dubious attempt to seduce a 17-year old. The world gasped as our Chris had a surge of morality and backed out when he was at the cusp of greatness. Homo." (Aug 2006 pg 115, own emphasis)


  • At Saturday, 22 July, 2006, Blogger Sarah Louise Parry said…

    It's disgusting, that's why I never liked Brasseye because although it was labelled as 'parody' or 'satire' I thought it was in bad taste relating to this tender, stigma-surrounded subject.

    How can they joke and make gags about young giurls like this and it just get chortled off and out down to laddish sense of humour?

    I'm glad someone has actually pointed out how corrupt the whole men's mags tone is!

  • At Saturday, 22 July, 2006, Blogger sparkleMatrix said…

    Creepy, very very creepy. It reminds me of those "count downs" they used to do (don't know if they still do 'em) in the Daily Ape Wanker papers. (sun, squirt ect) where there was a daily countdown until the girl reached her 16th birthday and then da darrr tits out for the lads. Yes very paedofilliac.

  • At Sunday, 23 July, 2006, Anonymous Luke said…


    I haven't read an FHM type magazine in a long while...but jesus I didn't know they said crap like that. I mean, i knew FHM and co. were just really awful mags but seriously. the suggestion of men raping girls is becoming so mainstream and normalized. have you seen those t-shirts they have for sale where it has "the age of consent" for different countries? I think tshirthell makes it.

    good lookin out though.

  • At Sunday, 23 July, 2006, Blogger charliegrrl said…

    Thanks Luke for pointing out the 'age of consent' tshirt, I've never heard of that. If anyone finds a link to this please let us know...

    "the suggestion of men raping girls is becoming so mainstream and normalized"

    Thank you for acknowledging this. Not all men are misogynist thankfully, and because I get so many men criticising my blog, it is nice to hear such decent comments from a man


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