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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Congratulations to Kayleigh on her new 34DD breasts...

Nuts 23-29th June

Nuts are celebrating Kayleigh's new surgically-enhanced 34DD breasts with a 6 page spread and interviewing her on how she now feels...

Nuts:"Congrats on the new boobs, Kayleigh, they look great! What size are they now?"
Kayleigh:"They used to be a 34B, but now I'm a large 34DD and they feel incredible!"
Nuts:"What made you decide to go bigger?"
Kayleigh:"Before I started modelling I always wanted to have them done, so now I've got the extra money it was a natural choice. Plus, living in the Candy Crib with a house full of girls with massive knockers, I found myself sitting there all day going: 'Wow I wish I had boobs like yours!' I guess you could say I got boob envy..."
Nuts:"Finally, what do you think makes a great pair of boobs?"
Kayleigh:"They have to have good, hard nipples, be big and firm and round." (pg.54-61)

How informative...

(Kayleigh is a regular model in Nuts)

Candy Crib

Candy Crib is a Big Brother-style house shown online, with 6 women, all teasing the viewers with their 'lesbian' canoodling. Nuts do a weekly feature of what's been going on in the Candy Crib...

Due to the hot weather, "Kayleigh and

Claire...decided that they'd just head for the garden and lose most of their clothes, but that didn't work because they kept jumping on each other for a scantily clad cuddle..." (pg 18).

Interestingly, in this week's edition, they welcomed a new model to the house, Jody, who was actually the same woman who they featured a couple of weeks back showing off her knickers from her Knicker Drawer.

So, let me get this straight, she's an everyday 'real' woman, a dental nurse from Manchester, who entered a competition for a feature on her Knicker Drawer...and a few weeks later she's starring in your 'lesbian' soft porn site Candy Crib..?

Talk about a slippery slope...

Images of real lesbians:
Top Photo Copyright Minnesota Public Radio 2006
Middle Photo Copyright American Buddah Online Library 2006
Bottom Photo Copyright The Michigan Daily 1998
'Breasts' photo not mine but can't find copyright


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