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This is a blog of the feminist activism of Charliegrrl and others. This is not a blog to debate the ins and outs of feminism, this is a blog to inspire people to get active and take it to the streets! This blog was started to challenge lads mags bringing porn into the mainstream...who knows what the blog will become...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lads Mags and Sex Advice...

Lads Mags give sex advice...on how to have sex...
But is more like- how to work a female body to get you off and how to work a female body to make you feel like a man...

"How To Have Enjoyable Tantric Sex:

Step 1: Fill your bedroom full of candles and orchid petals, put on a CD of whale noises and slowly strip your girlfriend naked...

Step 2: Put on a pair of sunglasses with wide-awake eyes painted on them, then lie down tenderly next to her and respectfully penetrate her vagina with your penis.

Step 3: After three minutes, ejaculate, then fall asleep for eight hours while she slowly builds up a mystical, full body orgasm. Awaken just in time to get your nuts squeezed dry a second time. Result! "
(Maxim August 2006 pg 38)

Nah, I don't think that would get a result with the ladies somehow...

Loaded have a pulling quiz with a list of four options to choose from for the 7 stages of pulling Sophia, a model. First being, deciding what to wear, second make a move on the dance floor...

Number 6: "It worked! But what's your between-the-sheet manner?
a) Tender and loving. Doing massages and stuff
b) Pump away like a crap house door on carnival day
c) Take her from behind while savaging her neck like a jack rabbit
d) Sleep like a baby: wake up crying covered in wee"

If you chose 'b' this is the right answer for Sophia:
"I love giving oral so B. I prefer giving than receiving- I like to see how the guy reacts. I don't really care about the taste. I always swallow, spitting's just rude"
(Loaded August 2006 pg 75-76)

What...even if he may have an STI..?

The Pneumatic Drill Position

"Because if a girl's worth doing, she's worth doing properly.

1)How to do it
Stand facing her back, with your groin pressed firmly onto her lovely, squeezed-together buttocks. Lift her legs up over your shoulders...push your penis firmly into her vagina, gripping her thighs, then pogo softly up and down, as though drilling a sexy lady-hole in the carpet.

2) Why to do it
This is a good position for fucking her really hard...meanwhile, she can nuzzle her face into your quivering thighs like a baby cow searching for milk.

3) Why she should do it
Most women like to be dominated from time to time and this is the perfect position to do it in, since you're in complete control of her body. Reinforce this feeling by giving her the odd playful slap on the arse and possibly sending her out for chips afterwards.

4) How to convince her to do it
...Each time you enter her, these pleasurable sensations will cause her to contract tighter around you, letting her imagine your penis is almost as big as you tell people it is."
(Maxim August 2006 pg 150-151) forgot to ask her, and see if she would enjoy this position, that would be nice...

All this sounds like a rather mechanistic approach to sex...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dear Melon Farmers...

Melon Farmers are a bit angry with me...

"With reference to your stupid and inane crusade against so called "Lad's Mags" on your site:

This is a free country. If the ladies and gentlemen who appear in these magazines, are happy to be in them, and the people who read them want to read them, then what on earth has it got to do with you ?

What you obviously want to do is impose unjustified censorship on free people.

You have no respect for the male gender or their sexuality.

You appear to belittle men, and this is shameful. You also INSULT MEN and this is diabolical.

Not only that, your attitude and crusades are completely OFFENSIVE to anyone who believes in freedom of expression, and fights for it. Without such freedom you wouldn't be able to go on such crusades with your repressive rubbish.

I hope your "Claire Curtis-Thomas" MP gets laughed out of the house for the plain daft person she obviously is.

You should learn to put up with a few things in your life.

We men do. We have to. All the time. Including the sillyness of people like you."

This is why you are wrong...

Firstly it is hard to not make lads mags my business, when everytime I walk into a newsagent or retailer, I am faced with derogative images of women. I also care about my fellow women and wish to fight for an end to lads mags misogyny.
I am not interested in imposing censorship on people, sorry if you feel your right to wank over misogynist material is being threatened...(not...)

I have many male friends and I respect men who have respect for women. I have no respect for the male sexuality represented by lads mags and porn papers that views women as sex play things that exist soley to gawp at and for 'getting their end away'. It is pathetic and immature.
There is 'freedom from' and 'freedom to': I believe that the freedom from sexual denigration superseeds the freedom to gawp at surgically-enhanced breasts.

Melon Farmers is a pro-porn site.

They vehemently believe in freedom of sexual expression as a human right...but this includes the freedom to produce and download violent pornography such as women being raped and this also includes the freedom to download child pornography...

Please also see Laurelin's comeback

Homepage www.melon*******
To view, copy and paste the link, then replace ******* with 'farmers'
There are many links to porn, but I haven't come across any upsetting images as it is largely a discussion/activist space for pro-porn people, so don't worry if you want to have a browse...

Top image by John Goetz. Copyright New York Magazines Holdings LCC 2006
Bottom image is a postcard available from

FHM Street Promotion

This was sent to me by Helen:

"Today (19.7.07) on London Bridge - while on my way to work, I was astounded to see a "promotion" on the north end of London Bridge. FHM...were launching a new tv channel and to promote this they had very scantily clad girls gyrating around on a stage. The girls were semi-naked and provocative and quite frankly would have been more at home in a club in Soho than on London Bridge with commuters passing by on their way to work. I have to say I did find this offensive, so, I happened to see their "support" van close by parked at Monument. I registered my view with a young man who really was not interested in what I had to say. He raised his voice, I raised mine -pointing out that this sort of debacle was tacky and should be confined to areas more appropriate. This was not the sort of thing I wanted to see whilst on my way to work! He made the mistake of placing his hand on my arm to 'move me away'. I yelled at him not to touch me! By now I was extremely angry with him. Eventually I left the scene..." (own emphasis)

She is in the middle of complaining about this...lets hope she gets some response and an apology from FHM...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lads Mags and Paedophillic 'Jokes'

Lads Mags often jokingly make paedophillic remarks...

Front have done a feature on common characters found at Wimbledon, some of which are Ballboy/girl, Umpire, Commentator...and the 'Sexy Eastern European' teenage girl tennis player:

"This hard-working girl got a scholarship to tennis school in Florida where her supermodel looks quickly gained her three times as much sponsorship money as anyone else on the tour. That's because, let's face it, she looks better in a bikini than that hulking French carpet-muncher. Her photograph will be in the papers 283 times in the four days she survives in the tournament, and websites will spring up specialising in the sort of upskirt and hard nipple shots that won't appear in the tabloids until next year, when she turns 16." (Aug 2006 pg 43, own emphasis)

They also have a cartoon caricature of such a 15 year old 'sexy eastern european' in a skimpy tennis outfit...

I thought it was illegal under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 to publish sexualised depictions of girls under 18..?

Front's description of a typical Tennis Commentator: "Posh, old-school BBC type who does Christ-knows-what for the other 50 weeks of the year...his job is to ask excrutiatingly embarrassing questions about grunting noises to teenage girls and smile like an indulgent uncle..." (Aug 2006 pg 44, own emphasis)

FHM have done a feature on '100 Reasons Why FHM Rules The World'. Number 33 is 'We Have Limits' which recalls an article they did in 2002 on 'The 7 Ages of Women':

"Our surprisingly hairy-chested writer was paid hard cash to 'explore' the seven ages of women, starting with a morally dubious attempt to seduce a 17-year old. The world gasped as our Chris had a surge of morality and backed out when he was at the cusp of greatness. Homo." (Aug 2006 pg 115, own emphasis)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Front: Get Your Girlfriend to Dress Up As a Prostitute

Front August 2006 Issue 98

Front have an 'agony aunt' section where readers can send in for advice on their sex queries...

Spencer from Belfast: "Dear Anna
I really love having sex with prostitutes- my girlfriend doesn't know this. What I'd really like is to get my missus to join in, maybe we could see a prostitute together. How do I ask her, and do you think she'll freak out?"

Anna: "Well Spence, you could be a bit devious and hire a hooker without informing your girlfriend. Organise for her to 'bump' into the two of you in a bar, indulge in some flirtatious and suggestive behaviour, and then finally proposition you both...An alternative to actually sleeping with prostitutes would be to get your girlfriend to dress up like one and hang out on a street corner. Tell her she has to do everything you say for the night. This kind of harmless roleplay can be so much fun (in moderation)..." (pg38 own emphasis)

Charliegrrl: Well, Spencer... Alternatively, you could make love to your girlfriend...and learn to respect her.

I would also take a long hard look into your soul and question why you so love having sex with prostitutes. Are you afraid of making love with women..? Do you have an inferiority complex..? Are you paranoid about your performance in bed, and thus enjoy having sex with women who won't openly tell you you are shit, cos they are only having sex with you for your money..? Do you enjoy exploiting women as it makes you feel like a man..? These are all things to consider and I hope your girlfriend finds out and dumps you.

ZOO's idea of a legitimate protest...

ZOO Issue 125 7-13th July (pages 10-11)

ZOO are protesting at The Lawn and Tennis Association's decision to discourage tennis players from wearing unsuitable clothing whilst competing.

Because they are so used to viewing women as sex objects, when they watch a woman playing sport, this confuses them-- a woman...clothed, showing strength, vigour, energy, skill..?

They need glimpses of her knickers and breasts to restore their sense of normality.

Their method of defiant protest is to have a double page spread of shots of female tennis players' breasts and knickers, and a model to dress up as a tennis player giving them a cheeky peek of her breasts: 'Tennis bosses ban skimpy outfits. ZOO bravely makes a stand. With Keeley. Who appears to be removing her skimpy outfit...'

So, to support the protest, 'register your fury by filling in our petition', with the cut out soft porn photo of Keeley dressed as a tennis player baring her breasts, and send it to the LTA President Stuart Smith...

Or alternatively, 'call up and vent, politely, at his minions...'

This was in the same issue in which they mocked the feminist campaign to get lads mags put on top shelf...

Top Photo: Copyright 1995-2005 Electric Foundry LLC
Bottom Photo taken from

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ZOO and the Lads Mag Protest

ZOO 7-13th July pages 16-17

ZOO have covered the Lads Mags Bill by Claire Curtis-Thomas by coming up with a ZOO Sanitisation Kit- 'How to make your ZOO MP-friendly'...

They have provided their readers with cut out cardigans and 'Sunday School-style dresses' so that they can cover up the naked women in ZOO...

"What a pickle. Last week, Labour backbencher and ZOO reader, Claire Curtis-Thomas, was prevented from reading her copy of our magazine in the House of Commons. As the MP for Crosby attempted to verbalise a final, hurried excerpt from our brilliant Porn Dictionary (Issue112, pg 111), she paused and realised, out loud, that the explanation of a 'glass-bottom boat ride' was, in her words, 'so graphic and repulsive I am prevented from quoting it on the floor of the House of Commons'.
Since that point, strange things have happened. Somehow, Mrs Curtis-Thomas and her conservative views have cause at least three other women who weren't doing much that day to think ZOO should be located on a higher shelf in the shops, well away from children who may mistake Keeley for a packet of Smarties/crayons."

ZOO also states that Tony Blair has no problem with ZOO: "Compared with most of what I have to read, particularly about myself, it [ZOO] would probably be a welcome relief. I have a fairly open and liberal mind on this."

They go on to reiterate the entry of their Porn Dictionary that Curtis-Thomas couldn't say in the House of Commons:
"Glass-bottom boat ride- 'One partner wraps his or her head in clingfilm while the other partner defecates on him or her'. In Curtis-Thomas' world, that's plain 'dangerous".

ZOO people, I can assure you that there are more than 'three' other women pissed off with you.

So here's two fingers to those who think that us feminists are 'conservative' and our motivation is to cover up
women's 'sinful' flesh...

Because you see ZOO, you can revere and depict a woman's naked beauty, without denigrating her.

First Photo is the work of Sara Saudkova
Second and Third Photo from left are the work of Jan Saudek
All Copyrighted

The Sport and Lads Mags Protest 27th June

Rather belated account of the protest...
I couldn't make it to the protest, but here are excerpts of various emails reporting upon the protest:

Charisa from Protest Now: "Went to the Object-organized demo- regarding regulating the display of lad's mags- in Westminster today...there were about 16 of us raising banners (lots of traffic inc tour buses passing by, yay!). I had some opportunities to speak to passerbys and hand out leaflets which was good. No real negative reaction from the public BUT (this is pretty bad) - a group of erm men (swine? no, that's an insult to animals) from 'Front' magazine showed up to uhhh defend their right to exploit and abuse women, showing up complete with a pair of said women (que lip and breast implants) to flaunt for the cameras. Very sad indeed. Also a photographer from The Sun showed up. CAN'T WAIT to see our pictures with boring "look at these dykes getting angry, hahaha" headlines in these publications...

And incase anyone reading this is thinking "what's the fuss all about", studies have shown that pornography users grow increasingly apathetic towards rape and are more likely to fantasize about or actually commit rape. "Lad's mags" are porn, sugar coated and put at eye-level for men, women and children to grow desensitized to. This trash that they are defending promotes women as objects, which is (obviously) dangerous for all of us."

Object: "Tues 27th June : Parliament voted overwhelming in support of Claire Curtis-Thomas' Bill to seek improved regulation of material such as The Sport and Lads Mags.
Her Bill seeks :
A new regulator for sexually explicit material
That is independent with binding codes
That is socially responsible and not motivated by profit

A second, more in depth reading of the Bill is planned for Oct 20th. We are still awaiting a full debriefing from Claire Curtis-Thomas's office.

THANK YOU to those who attended

Mary Helen Anna-Helga Mika Viveka Anne Rachel Emma Charisa Amanda Jen Helen Louisa Mari-elle Emily Astrida Deborah"

...also thanks to Sasha and Beatriz from Object

Congratulations to Kayleigh on her new 34DD breasts...

Nuts 23-29th June

Nuts are celebrating Kayleigh's new surgically-enhanced 34DD breasts with a 6 page spread and interviewing her on how she now feels...

Nuts:"Congrats on the new boobs, Kayleigh, they look great! What size are they now?"
Kayleigh:"They used to be a 34B, but now I'm a large 34DD and they feel incredible!"
Nuts:"What made you decide to go bigger?"
Kayleigh:"Before I started modelling I always wanted to have them done, so now I've got the extra money it was a natural choice. Plus, living in the Candy Crib with a house full of girls with massive knockers, I found myself sitting there all day going: 'Wow I wish I had boobs like yours!' I guess you could say I got boob envy..."
Nuts:"Finally, what do you think makes a great pair of boobs?"
Kayleigh:"They have to have good, hard nipples, be big and firm and round." (pg.54-61)

How informative...

(Kayleigh is a regular model in Nuts)

Candy Crib

Candy Crib is a Big Brother-style house shown online, with 6 women, all teasing the viewers with their 'lesbian' canoodling. Nuts do a weekly feature of what's been going on in the Candy Crib...

Due to the hot weather, "Kayleigh and

Claire...decided that they'd just head for the garden and lose most of their clothes, but that didn't work because they kept jumping on each other for a scantily clad cuddle..." (pg 18).

Interestingly, in this week's edition, they welcomed a new model to the house, Jody, who was actually the same woman who they featured a couple of weeks back showing off her knickers from her Knicker Drawer.

So, let me get this straight, she's an everyday 'real' woman, a dental nurse from Manchester, who entered a competition for a feature on her Knicker Drawer...and a few weeks later she's starring in your 'lesbian' soft porn site Candy Crib..?

Talk about a slippery slope...

Images of real lesbians:
Top Photo Copyright Minnesota Public Radio 2006
Middle Photo Copyright American Buddah Online Library 2006
Bottom Photo Copyright The Michigan Daily 1998
'Breasts' photo not mine but can't find copyright

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boycott WHSmith

WHSmith are taking the piss. They are not only going against their word and the NFRN guidelines, by stocking porn below top shelf and at eye-level, but they have an offer on at the moment: Buy a Newspaper, Get ZOO Half Price!

This is shameless promotion of a pornographic and misogynistic magazine.

WHSmith Manchester Train Station (09.07.06)
This is a photo of a promotion table at the entrance to a WHSmith store, with ZOO strewn all over.

This is an excerpt from the response from WHSmith when I complained: "From time to time the covers of these titles can cause offence and, therefore, we display these titles in a higher position - on the top shelf and the shelf beneath this. In addition, we do not promote these titles at heights that are inconsistent with these guidelines. "

Excuse me..?!?

If you would like to complain to WHSmith, email

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Big Brother and Lads Mags Grooming Porn Stars

It seems to be a prerequisite for women who go into the Big Brother house, that they are willing to parade around in their bikinis, snog women, and strip for the lads mags on release.

Through my research I have come to the conclusion that Big Brother and Lads Mags are working together to groom porn stars.

In every lads mag I have bought for this blog, they have had a focus on women in the Big Brother house. Every week Aisleyne strips off for the lads mags, and she is regularly on the front cover of The Daily Star. Lea, with her size M breasts, even has a porn film advertised in The Sport: 'See Lea in a boy/girl scene giving and receiving oral sex, finger work, huge penis action, deep vaginal entry, messy ejaculations, jelly beard eating' (June 20th pg 6).

What the hell is 'jelly beard eating'?!?

They have features, mainly pornographic photos, of housemates who are currently in the house, which means they have photos of these women before they go in. Therefore, lads mags no longer capitalise on the demand to see these women naked on their release, once they have shot to fame, but lads mags are now prepared with pornographic pictures of the housemates, to play on their fame whilst they are in the house. A few of these women, namely Nikki and Aisleyne, have openly expressed on their entry, that they want to be glamour models, and it's pretty obvious Lea wishes to be a porn star. This points to the conclusion that Big Brother and Lads Mags are working with one another to increase their viewings/sales by promoting these women as porn stars and grooming them into fame. If the women in Big Brother are posing naked each week in lads mags and 'newspapers', then this keeps up the interest in watching Big Brother, and these women being on Big Brother allows lads mags 'lads' to be voyeurs which adds a titillating angle to the naked pictures in the mags. The fact that Aisleyne is in Nuts/Zoo every week stripping off shows she has had all these photos prepared before she went into the house, so that on her release she will be well known enough for there to be a demand to see her naked.

Is it any coincidence that out of the women in the current Big Brother, 4 are models/wannabe models, 3 of which have had boob jobs, one of which has the largest boob implants in the UK*, another was Miss Wales 2003 and another is described as 'not shy about getting her kit off'**..?!?
Thus far, 5 out of the 8 women in the current Big Brother have posed half naked in Nuts/Zoo.

Check out Sarah's blog entry, where she questions, does BB actually stand for Big Breasts..?

*fact taken from Brother
**taken from Images: Copyright Digital Spy Limited