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Friday, June 16, 2006

Skinner can't control himself...

Mike Skinner from The Streets had to make an apology to Rachel Stevens for saying his song, 'Fit But You Know It...' was written about her...although he should be apologising about something else...

Nuts: 'Why did you recently apologise to Rachel Stevens..?'

Skinner: 'A woman from The Daily Star came up in a nightclub and asked,"Who is 'Fit But You Know It' about?"...she wouldn't go I said, "Rachel Stevens, because I wouldn't be responsible for my actions if I was in the same room as her." It's the sort of thing you say to your mates but you don't want the girl hearing it. It wasn't really about Rachel Stevens. So we emailed an apology'. (9-15th June 2006 pg. 44)

Let me tell you Skinner, Rachel Stevens may well be a beautiful woman, but YOU are responsible for YOUR actions. When a man invades a woman's personal space to rape, sexually assault or harrass, it is ALWAYS the man's responsibility.

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  • At Friday, 16 June, 2006, Anonymous anna said…

    I used to rather like the Streets. Oh well, he just sounds like a total dick head.


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