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This is a blog of the feminist activism of Charliegrrl and others. This is not a blog to debate the ins and outs of feminism, this is a blog to inspire people to get active and take it to the streets! This blog was started to challenge lads mags bringing porn into the mainstream...who knows what the blog will become...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lads Mags in Shops

I've been taking photos of lads mags in shops where they are shelved/promoted in an inappropriate way. I am sick of walking into a newsagents or high street shop and being faced with pornographic images of women. Since when did this become acceptable..!?! Lads mags such as Zoo, Nuts and FHM are pornographic and therefore should be treated as so. This means they shoud be on the top shelf above eye level and not be promoted on news stands or be placed on a counter. These photos are intended for the use of feminists campaigning against lads mags. I will be adding to the list...

This photo was taken in WHSmith in Lancaster (12.05.06). As you can see, Nuts is displayed on a promotional stand near the entrance of the shop. The guy at the till told me I wasn't allowed to take photos in their shop without asking permission and he asked me what I was taking a photo of- I replied that I am taking photos of whereabouts WHSmith places pornography in its stores! I asked him for WHSmith guidelines for stocking magazines, but they didn't have any available... I asked a woman in the queue if she felt the Nuts magazine is pornographic to which she said yes! The guy told me they are told by their distributors as to where they should place such magazines... I rang WHSmith and complained and the woman said she would log the complaint...


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