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This is a blog of the feminist activism of Charliegrrl and others. This is not a blog to debate the ins and outs of feminism, this is a blog to inspire people to get active and take it to the streets! This blog was started to challenge lads mags bringing porn into the mainstream...who knows what the blog will become...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Lads Mags in Lancaster

This photo was taken in WHSmith in Lancaster (12.05.06). As you can see, WHSmith are promoting ZOO by placing it on this central stand.

Naughty naughty...I thought WHSmith had a top-shelf policy..? (Lancaster 12.06.06)

Woolworths in Lancaster (12.05.06). 4 Lads Mags are placed directly above a teenage girls magazine and Smash Hits. Furthermore, they maybe on top shelf, but in this store that is no more than 5 ft.

Again Woolies Lancaster (12.06.06) placing lads mags above teenage girls magazines, so obviously not a one-off...

HMV in Lancaster (12.05.06). Placing FHM on the counter is clearly inappropriate. I rang HMV Customer services and the lady was extremely sympathetic and told me to send a written form of complaint...which I did...but haven't recieved a reply...


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